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company policy


    If any part of your new AIE equipment fails within 180 days because of a manufacturing defect, AIE will furnish the required replacement part without charge, F.O.B factory upon receiving the defective part. Related service, labor, and diagnostic calls are not included. A return authorization number (RGA) must be obtained prior to making any returns.

    This warranty does not cover damage by accident, misuse, abuse installation in abnormal conditions of moisture, dirt, or corrosive matter, misapplication, or improper installation, and does not cover expendable items such as PTFE covers, sealing elements, silicon rubber, etc. This warranty extends to the Purchaser only for a period of 180 days from date of purchase. Customer will be held responsible for freight charges to and from delivery destination. All shipments freight on board (FOB) shipped to our warehouse.

    This warranty constitutes the exclusive remedy of any purchaser of AIE equipment and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness and AIE shall have no other obligations or liability. In no event shall AIE be liable for special or consequential damages.

    AIE will not be responsible for repairs by anyone other than AIE. This warranty is void if any modification or alteration is made to the equipment. All Modified Machines are non-returnable. Installation and operation of the equipment to comply with all applicable electrical and safety standards is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

    There is a 180 day warranty on parts and labor. 30 day return policy with 15% restocking fee. All credit is upon inspection. Any Missing damaged and/or replacement parts will be added with your 15% restocking fee.


Home Products Trade Show New Products Videos Policy

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